Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CDFotM: The Infantree!

After a too long layoff, we are back in business at the SU Design Blog. It turns out that after analyzing our trusty Google Analytics, we learned  that more than half of all traffic to the blog was coming from other graphic design schools — and that those folks were spending the majority of their time on the blog looking at the posts in which our project work is proudly displayed! After doing a little investigative research, we noticed that some of our projects are beginning to creep into the portfolios at some of these other schools, and we had to decide whether or not to continue the blog. In the end, we realized that we are so proud of our accomplishments and the fantastic design culture here at Susquehanna, that keeping it a secret is silly; and that if people at other places want to "borrow" our projects, then it’s fine with us. C’est la vie!

On to business. The Cool Design Firm of the Month for September is The Infantree, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Infantree is probably the only truly local design form we’ve featured so far, but they really deserve the recognition. It also goes without saying that they are “High” on the SU list after featuring our very own Jordan High for a summer internship. Started by a couple guys named Ryan, the agency has really blossomed in recent years and has been featured in just about every graphic design publication that matters. Their work is consistently conceptual, and they have a flair for marrying type and image, particularly in identity design applications. And don't forget — we love illustration around here. Visit their site and poke around, and check out a few of the images posted below.

More posts on the way, and now that we've decided to throw caution to the wind, there should be plenty of awards posts coming soon!

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