Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hi all, sorry for the lapse in posting! Everyone needs a vacation, but plenty more posts are on the way.

Here’s the official summary of this year’s ADCMW Real Show competition — the 35th annual no less, held this year at the Center for Digital Imaging at Boston University. As usual, we were fortunate enough to dominate the competition, winning the Gold Medal and Best of Show Award, as well as four additional medals — meaning that SU won half of all medals awarded.

The show included a total of 40 pieces, 14 of which were from Susquehanna — again more than any other school.

The competition this year drew entries from 20 universities and art schools, including American, the Art Institute, East Carolina, George Mason, James Madison, Mississippi State, Tyler School of Art, the Corcoran School of Art, the University of Maryland, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Bronze, Stationery: Jordan High ’12

The students who won merit awards, meaning their work was included as part of the 40-piece exhibition but didn't win a medal, are as follows:

Editorial Category:
Kristen Rozema ’10
Kelsi Burris ’10
Jon Pierotti ’10 (Jon had two projects selected in this category!)

Stationery Category:
Colleen Kelly ’11
Samantha Reaves ’10
Rachael Long ’11
Caleb Heisey ’11
Steve Scales ’11 (Steve had two projects selected in this category!)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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