Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Harper Collins recently published American Graphic Design and Advertising 25, featuring the results of the 25th annual national design competition. This was the fourth year since students were given a category and invited to compete, and for the fourth year in a row, Susquehanna design students had more work accepted into the competition and published in the book (32 pieces!) than any other school in the nation!

Furthermore, Tracy Brauner ’09 (now employed at Mission Media in Baltimore, MD), was named the Best of Show Award winner in the student category for her Ladybug Corporate Identity package — receiving the highest numerical score in the entire AGDA competition, students and professionals alike! Congrats Tracy! This was the first time the folks at AGDA have issued such an award! Tracy had two pieces included in the annual. Check out the image of her project below.

Other students recognized with design projects selected for inclusion in the annual are as follows:
JENELLE ANTHONY ’09 (one design selected)
REBECCA BRELSFORD ’09 (two designs selected)
CHRISTINA IEZZI ’09 (one design selected)
ALLISON KRATZER ’09 (two designs selected)
JAMES MACWHIRTER ’10 (one design selected)
KYLE NALLS ’09 (five designs selected)
JESSICA OSWALD ’09 (five designs selected)
JOE PILCAVAGE ’09 (one design selected)
ROBERT PRALL ’09 (five designs selected)
SAM REAVES ’10 (one design selected)
JULIE SPRINGER ’10 (three designs selected)
ANNE TOAL ’09 (one design selected)
MEREDITH TOMPECK ’09 (two designs selected)

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