Monday, October 12, 2009

CDFotM: October 2009

The cool firm of the month for October is The Decoder Ring Design Concern. I usually shy away from firms that are associated with the gigposter movement (it's, like, so five years ago), but these guys do wonderful work, are highly steeped in design culture, and have a great site. Take note of the style when you look at their stuff. They have a broad range of visual presentations, though they excel at vintage / retro, and every piece is witty. There's also a great deal of traditional structure in their layouts — one of the reasons their work is so striking is because the rather dense / textured image areas, as well as all of the hand-rendered typography are all backed by an underlying foundation of grids, rules, symmetry, and all-around strong composition. Those designers who want to find work would do well to learn this.

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