Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of Summer Happenings.....

Hi all, Here's an update as you all begin your transition back to campus in the coming days:

Computer Lab:
  1. Software has been upgraded to Adobe Creative Suite 4. Hold onto your horses, because CS4 is a big leap forward from CS3. All of the apps seem to be very different, so you'll need to allow some extra work time on projects until you get the hang of the changes. The first thing i noticed is that you can now have multiple pages in Illustrator.
  2. I removed the "thaw space" (the orange 'student storage' disc) on all of the computers. This means that there is now nowhere on the machines that you can save your work that will be safe after a restart. We'll see how this goes. What it means for you is that you'll need to invest in a personal hard drive or USB flash drive (and keep it with you) — or work from the servers. My recommendation is for you guys to work from a hard drive and back up your stuff to the servers.
  3. I remedied a number of issues with the preferences in Illustrator and photoshop, including the one that forced you to click on the baseline of text in order to select. Hooray.
  4. You'll be delighted when you open Safari for the first time. I've used the new "top Sites" feature to load popular pages onto the start up screen: webmail, webSU, the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. Also, you'll see links to 200 of the best design firm sites in the world in a drop-down from the bookmarks bar.
  5. Finally, we will not be monitoring the lab this year, so expect that Nick and I will be a bit more crusty than usual when we see that students are not keeping the door closed.

In other news, University Avenue was closed for much of the summer while new bricked-in crosswalks and sidewalks were installed. It looks pretty good, and should keep traffic from going so fast up and down the ave.

And yes, in case you haven't heard, I am rockin' the shaved head these days. I was reading in either Italian Vogue or Mad Magazine — I'm not sure which, that it's a cool look. So I decided to go with it, I'm not sure how long it'll last. It seems to go well with the look — I'll test it out on Freshman during one of my fearsome orientation speeches.

I'll see y'all soon.


  1. we shouldn't expect any trouble working with cs4 files in cs3 should we?

  2. I've opened Illustrator CS 4 files in CS 3 -- there's a warning message, but the files opened with little difficulty. It should be fine.