Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 Senior Luncheon & Katie K Award!

2009 Seniors

Tracy Brauner
Kyle Nalls

Today was the 2009 luncheon for graduating seniors. We have a lot to celebrate in the art department this year, and the luncheon is the moment in which the annual Katie Kasinecz award is presented. The winner this year is Tracy Brauner. Though it was a very, very difficult decision, Tracy's excellent portfolio and unparalleled record in competition put her over the top. Nevertheless, I felt strongly that I could have easily recognized 2 or 3 others with the award. Congratulations Tracy, and thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kasinecz for allowing us to give the award. The winner gets a great crystal trophy, and thier name is engraved on the plaque in the art building. For the record here are the past winners of the award:

2006: Nick Stephenson
2007: Katie Lesser
2008: Andrew Goodsell
2009: Tracy Brauner

We are also fortunate to have Susquehanna's 2009 Valedictorian as a member of the graphic design program. Kyle Nalls managed to make it through four tough years at Susquehanna with an amazing 4.0 GPA. As Kyle was also his high school valedictorian, he has not seen a B since the 90s, when he was stung violently while studying for a fifth grade calculus exam. Congratulations Kyle, Tracy, and the rest of the class of 2009.


  1. Hey Mark, could you post links to all the seniors websites when you get the chance?

  2. Corinne, I don't know if they would want me to do that -- I'll leave it up to them....

    Seniors: comment back with a link to your site! (If you want to!)