Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ADCMW Real Show 2009

Once again SU dominated the ADCMW Real Show, with more work accepted than any other school — and more medals as well. SU represented a third of all work selected, 16 0f 48 total pieces and 4 medals. There were 17 schools involved this year, and nearly 500 entries. We really made our mark in the magazine category, where we were the only school selected for the show. On a personal note, it was great to see SU alums Chris Ross '05 (Fuszion) and Taylor Buckholz '06 (Design Army) reviewing portfolios at the accompanying ADCMW Career Day. I did this for eight years, and it's nice to see things coming full circle. Photo of me and the guys at the end of the post.

Here's a partial summary of the results:
Susquehanna: 16 accepted, 4 medals
Mississippi State University: 9 accepted, 2 medals
James Madison: 7 accepted, 2 medals
Tyler School of Art: 5 accepted, 0 medals
Penn State University: 3 accepted, 0 medals
U of South Carolina: 2 accepted, 1 medal
U of Maryland: 2 accepted, 0 medals
American University: 2 accepted, 1 medal

Here are the pieces, click on the thumbs to view larger images:
Naked Decor Stationery
Stevie Long-Blyler (Silver Medal)

Anne Toal

Trouble at the Pump Editorial Spreads
Anne Toal (Silver Medal)

Kyle Nalls (Silver Medal)

Kyle Nalls (Silver Medal)

Joe Pilcavage

Christina Iezzi

Tracy Brauner

Byrd House Market Posters
Jon Pierotti

Tracy Brauner

Kelsi Burris

Stevie Long-Blyler

Alison Kratzer

Sam Jayne

Samantha Reaves

USPS Celebrate Stamp

Tim Joseph

Chris, Mark, and Taylor

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  1. Wow. That's all I have to say. I'm diggin' the editorial spreads a lot. You guys rocked it at the One Show! Congrats!!!! :)